Expedited Processing for $5.99

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It took 2 weeks even though I paid for the expedited but I guess that it could have been longer

Ngozi T.

When I first started with my Infinity Hoop, it took me a bit of time to find my rhythm. Now I’m loving it and enjoying how it keeps my exercise routine spicy and fun.

Seauna C.

Product is great. Your customer service is a joke, and your lead times are egregiously misleading. Do not offer expedited shipping for extra $$ and then not ship it for weeks. Why are you advertising 48 hours shipping if you can't do it?

Also, the fact that you don't offer coupons until after purchasing is ridiculous. This is a product that no one will ever need more than one, so why are you offering me 15% off my next purchase of an infinity hoop? Like the first one took 600 years to get here think I'm going to spend another half a century for a second one, at 15% off? A steal. You're delusional.

Amanda B.

It takes a few tries to get the swing of it but is easy after that! Fun and keeps you moving!

Sandra E.

I'm getting into the groove of it and I'm really liking it!! Glad I purchased it!