Infinity Insurance for $8.99

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Jessica K.

I have lost 2 lbs and a link in a week doing the infinity hoop morning and night.

Veanna A.

So I bought the insurance and I was kind of upset to realize they don't even give you a piece of paper stating that you bought the insurance and on top of it it doesn't really cover anything except for returning it but then 60 days it literally took like a month for my package to come in after I ordered it so that being said I even paid for expedited processing that did not make it any quicker I needed a few extra links so I ordered a few extra well to my shock when I opened up the package there was literally only one link the other links were missing that took literally 4-5 weeks of emailing Infinity hoop support most of that time was me emailing because I was not getting a response at all it wasn't till about the 5th week that I finally got a response they finally looked into it and sent my links that I originally ordered on top of it all the links they sent are a different color from my hoop my hoop is purple they sent me Blue Links not like that a huge deal but I just adds to everything that I had to deal with I'm just happy I finally have it and I can start using it now sad part is by the time I got everything I needed to start using it my insurance ran out so what are waste of money that was

Rowenna B.

Only used it once but im working on it.

Delilah C.

I purchased the purple infinity hoop, had not been consistent but after my 26 day of purchase, I was able to take off ONE link. I was using the hoop approximately 3x’s a week due to my scheduled 12 hour days so I really gave it my all on the days off and it worked for me.
I continue to use it 3x’s a week now hoping to lose two more by end of November…….I like IT!!!!!

Joan N.

I personally am having a hard time getting it to spin.